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We want to make hiring freelancers easier for our clients. While providing a great ecosystem for freelancers.

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Message from our CEO & Founder

After Yossi Raskin, founder of Pure Outsource grew his own businesses using online talent, he quickly noticed how essential his digital team members were to his success, as well as the headaches that came along with them (sometimes). Experiencing first-hand those bad hires, long wait times to find perfect candidates that drastically impacted business, Yossi founded Pure Outsource for business owners alike.

In 2019, we opened our doors and began working with great clients around the world! We put a stop to frustrating bad hires, long wait-times and spending time interviewing candidates.

We built Pure Outsource so that other business owners can easily hire the best talent that suits their business needs and demands.


Enthusiastic individuals working for extraordinary clients.

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Yossi Raskin

CEO & Founder

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Zachary Erskine

Executive Manager

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Aaron Shore

Customer Service Manager