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Stop wasting time searching for your next client. Let us do it for you.

We know how hard it can be to find your next client. We offer our proprietary matching software where we match the client needs to freelancer skills and availability. Leaving you with more time to work on your client projects, and spend less time searching for your next freelance project.

“We make finding clients as seamless as possible.”

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Create an account. Choose your area of expertise. Fill out the questionnaire and be as thorough as possible. Once you pass, you get notified to schedule our "expert by an expert" video interview.

How to join Pure Outsource

1. Fill out the questionaire.

2. Choose your area(s) of expertise.

3. Set your hourly rate on your profile.

4. Application gets vetted by Pure Outsource team.

5. Your "Expert by an Expert" video interview gets scheduled.

6. If selected, you are considered a certified expert in your area of expertise on the Pure Outsource platform. 

Getting paid and Payment Protection

No one wants to work for free that is why we pay quickly and take zero commissions.

PLUS, we offer the Pure Outsource Payment and Protection Plan for Freelancers.